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Hola chicos/as muchos habeis descargado este visor, fue un visor de emergencia, pero actualmente LordGregGreg, no va a actualizar mas este codigo ya que unicamente fue un visor de emergencia y al ser unico que lo ha desallorado, esta libre de malware y virus, mas informacion en la nota de abajo, por lo tanto siempre os recomiendo usar los visores actualizados hasta el momentos, podreis tener mas informacion

Nota Original:

Despite being sick of dealing with all of this, I have witnessed too many of my friendsin a position where they are hurt. They either loose the features in emerald, or they
have their computer placed at risk.
I have decided to do what I can to help, and have created my own private project, theEmergence Viewer which is simply a clone of the latest emerald source code I had,
compiled and produced in a way where all binaries are either provided from a well known
trusted source (such as linden lab or openjpeg), or myself. Because of limited resources
available, I will only be able to provide a windows binary. If you learn anything from
this whole experience (I have learned numerous), do not ever trust binaries that you do
not fully trust the source of! If you do not know me or have a good reason to trust me,
do not use this binary! However, since I am the only developer on this project, I can 
fully promise that emergence will be entirely free of any malware or hidden code of any
kind to the very best of my ability. I am happy to be fully responsible for everything in
it directly, though I do not take the credit for it, as most of the code is from other
generous developers who have given freely of themselves.
I do not plan on updating or making changes to this viewer unless absolutely necessary,
this is a last minute salvage operation, nothing more.
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